Cassie Loree

Parlor Picture Co. delightfully exists to create heartfelt imagery, inspiring content and meaningful education that stirs imagination, leaving others seeing life through rose colored glasses.

What started as her childhood hobby, became the very thing Cassie Loree set her mind to. She photographed her first wedding in 2011, then hundreds after. Thoughtfully designed events are Cassie’s greatest passion. Her appreciation and attention to detail lead to showcase images that live on for generations.

owner and lead photographer

Cassie is known for the peace that abounds within. She naturally connects with her clients on a personal level, allowing her to guide moments, artfully. She approaches photography collaboratively, welcoming her clients into the process, ensuring they feel confident every step of the way.

In addition to a photographer, traveler, and educator, Cassie is a wife, mother and interior designer whose designs have set the stage for impactful imagery to collide with whimsical surroundings.

Above all, Cassie’s hope is that time spent with her leaves a glimmer of the hope found in Christ, alone, for from Him flows every good and perfect gift. Cassie takes great pleasure in the process of documenting life’s most celebratory days and seasons and believes all of her years in the industry have led her to your spectacular story. She’d be honored to be your photographer.

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Our engaged couples see far beyond their wedding day. They are committed to taking on the ebb and flow of life, hand in hand. They prioritize togetherness and unity. When planning their wedding celebrations, they want their events to be set apart and remembered. They believe in intentional design elements that are hand selected, created and captured by a team of experts in whose skillsets they trust.

Our dream clients see the immeasurable value in artful photographs that become heirlooms. They can already vision their wedding photos displayed in a leather bound book and on their walls, intentionally candid while purposely editorial.

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