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You know where you're going, but a hand to hold makes all the

Cassie has walked over 30 women through her photography mentorship program, all who have left with confidence, and most, with a new full time career as both wedding and lifestyle photographers. See this as your personal college course. Skip the unnecessary stuff, and get to the game changing answers that can place you in the industry by day three.

One Day Mentorship


If you are someone who already has a full understanding of your camera and is looking to be inspired when shooting, then we will focus on light and how to capture it beautifully! We will spend the beginning of our day dreaming up a styled session, and then bring it to life, together. I will teach you how to tell a story with your photos, all the while posing people in the most flattering positions, ensuring that the most beautiful angles of your subjects are being photographed. I will teach you how to interact with your clients professionally, yet in a way that makes them feel comfortable and at ease.

If you have the shooting part down, but are having trouble achieving the “final product” that you are going for, we will spend most of our day in front of the computer learning the ins and outs of the post production process. I will also share with you any advice that I have on developing and maintaining a profitable business, all the while loving the journey.

I will start by treating you to breakfast at one of the yummiest spots on the square. We will take this time to get acquainted with one another!

Next, we will head to my home studio where we will talk business! If you are just starting out, my number one goal will be to get you out of “auto” mode, and to teach you just how powerful that camera of yours really is! No pressure to have the best equipment on the market…it is so much better to push your current camera and lenses to their limits than to have expensive gear that you do not know how to use! I want you to really come to KNOW your camera! I promise you, you will have a “light bulb” moment, and once you do, we will take that newfound knowledge outside and start shooting!

Three Day

If you are an experienced portrait photographer, eager to dip your toes into the world of weddings, a three day mentorship program is most suitable for you. We’ll skip the basics and use that time learning (and practicing) what it looks like to slowly, but efficiently emerge into a whole new world where opportunities abound. You’ll step onto the scene with Cassie, witnessing what it’s like to carefully and thoughtfully capture one of the most important days of someone's life, while witnessing work that stands out from the crowd.

for photographers entering the wedding industry...


If you have found interest in photography and are looking to cover ALL aspects covered in the paragraphs above, I would love to spend three full days with you.


We will spread these sessions out, about two weeks apart from one another. You will leave each session feeling inspired, and with a workbook full of information to reflect on in the coming weeks. My hope is that you would exercise what knowledge you gained that day until the next time that we met. Each lesson will flow into the next one, and will build upon one another. Together, we will discover and develop a signature style that is fitting for you, and bring you to a place where you can enter into this incredibly creative industry with confidence!

For photographers ready to turn a hobby into a business…

our top choice!

Monthly 1:1 Mentoring

If you have completed a three day mentorship program with Cassie and want to ensure that your work remains elevated and your business continues moving forward, monthly mentoring is the way to go. Each month Cassie will review and help you curate your portfolio, continue fine tuning your editing, while sharing current, practical advice about the industry

  • Monthly portfolio review
  • One in-person meeting per month - one hour spent discussing and exploring topics of your choice
  • One virtual meeting or phone call - 30 minutes
  • Texting within reason for quick answers to questions that pop up
  • Assist Parlor Picture Co. with one session per month for portfolio building

Maintenance for photographers who have completed Cassie's three day mentorship program (3 month minimum commitment).


Virtual 1:1 Mentoring

You’ve been a photographer for years, but only showcase highlights because the events you are booking still don’t leave you awestruck. We’ve been there! Bring this burden to me and I will help you create a roadmap to booking your dream client.

In these virtual mentor sessions we will:
  • Review your portfolio and website
  • Create a profitable pricing strategy to help you advance to the next level
  • Identify key strengths and growth opportunities
  • Discover your niche and brand yourself accordingly
  • Social media marketing

for photographers who have mastered their artistry, but need guidance aligning their business with their ultimate goals.


1 Day Mentorship


3 Day Mentorship


Monthly 1:1 Mentorship

$700 p/month

Virtual 1:1 Mentoring

$550 p/hour

"Cassie’s mentorship has been an incredible blessing. My time with her jump started my business by YEARS. She pours her heart, creativity and talent into everything she does, including her mentorship and mentees. Her passion and expertise was evident as she generously taught me during our time together. Also, time spent was very intentional and efficient. We were able to cover more in three days than I covered in an entire semester because it was specifically tailored to my business, direction, style, and goals. I recently decided to venture into the wedding industry, and a second mentorship with Cassie was an absolute must."


"When I started my photography journey I felt like there was so much to learn, so I decided to invest in a mentor. I was so lucky to have found Cassie. During our mentorship she taught me camera settings, lighting, posing, editing, and all things business!

During our time together I was able to get real life shooting experience and tons of images that boosted my portfolio! Cassie gave me the confidence to start taking my own clients, trust myself, and shoot!"


"The investment in Cassie's 3-day mentorship proved to be extremely valuable. She took the time to get to know me and my business so that my mentorship was tailored to my specific needs as a photographer. Being someone who learns best through practical experience, I gained a wealth of knowledge by joining her for a couple of different types of sessions. Additionally, I had the opportunity to capture my own images during these sessions, which greatly contributed to enhancing my portfolio. Cassie's willingness to share her expertise makes her mentor sessions an invaluable experience for any photographer."


"Her mentorship offered so much more than I could have ever imagined. She created perfectly packaged content and curriculum tailored to my needs as a beginning photographer and business owner. She went above and beyond to answer every question I had, walk me through her work flow, set up styled shoots, edit alongside me, provided feedback, and even worked with a graphic designer to help me rebrand my business and find my niche. Working with Cassie though her mentorship program was truly the best decision and investment I’ve ever made for my business. She exceeded every expectation and remains a friend and longtime mentor. Years later I know I can reach out to Cassie for guidance and she is always a phone call away."


"Let tell you, mentorship with Cassie was totally worth it! Cassie is not only one of the sweetest people I have ever met, but she is also undoubtedly one of the best in the industry. You can see, feel, and appreciate the passion she has for photography, but more importantly for her clients, including her students. Cassie had a well planned out course that took me from opening my camera to confidently shooting a wedding alongside her. Cassie is giving of her knowledge, direct in her communication style, and supportive to see her students from start to finish. Knowing that I’ll have Cassie by my side throughout my photography journey gives me confidence and makes me excited about the future!"